Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wedding Destination Resorts in Maui

Are you looking for wedding destination resorts in Maui

Destination weddings can be a lot of fun! For the happy couple soon to be married, destination resorts in Maui can be a great way to say "I do" in style! And for every single guest on the list, it can be an amazing way to take some time off and a well deserved trip to the island of Hawaii!

Planning a destination wedding, however, takes time and commitment. And not just for you and your spouse to be! Your guests will need time to prepare for your wedding as well. 

In order for everything to be perfect, you need to make sure you avoid these most common mistakes. Wedding destination resorts in Maui are great! But grab a pen and pencil as you go through the article and make sure you add everything to your Maui wedding checklist!

1. Tell your guests in advance you plan on getting married at a destination resort in Maui

If you plan on having a destination wedding, sending the invites on time is crucial! Allow your guests enough time to prepare for the trip and avoid the unpleasantness of putting your guests in an awkward position. 

2. Forgetting to plan ahead for your legal ceremony

When planning a destination wedding in a resort in Maui, don't forget about the legal paperwork. Get all the marriage license information you need ahead of time and know what to expect from the legal point of view.

3. Not arriving to your wedding destination resort in Maui in due time

When you plan a wedding far away from home, make sure you book the destination resort in Maui at least a couple days before the day you say "I do". You'll be able to travel stress free and any delays or flight cancellations won't affect your plans for your big, important day. 

4. Checking important wedding items on your flight

Although your bridal dress or wedding favors may take up space, it's best to avoid checking them on your flight. Just in case your luggage gets misplaced, you want to have your bridal dress and jewelry, etc. on hand!

5. Not researching vendors for your wedding day in Maui

Finding the right vendors to cater your wedding is not an easy task. Especially if you're not a local. Make sure to do a thorough research before making a decision and consider hiring a local wedding planner to help.

6. Planning to stay at wedding destination resorts in Maui without thinking of your guests

When planning to get married at a destination resort in Maui, don't assume your guests will find something fun to do, on their own. While they might be thrilled they get to see their favorite people unite their destinies forever, don't forget to plan some fun activities that you and your guests can enjoy together.

7. Not considering unfavorable weather conditions at your Maui wedding

Maui is renown for being a great beach wedding destination.But don't forget to check the weather forecast! Have a backup plan in case weather conditions aren't in your favor.