A Simple Checklist for an Effortless Maui Wedding

When you daydream about the happiest day of your life, does an effortless Maui wedding come to mind? 

Not every bride and groom see themselves celebrating their special day with a lavish wedding. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the perfect way to have a perfect day. 

Intimate ceremonies can be just as romantic as a luxurious Maui beach wedding. A simple setting is generally less expensive, but the outcome can forever remain a beautiful memory. 

If your idea of a dreamy wedding revolves around simplicity, here's a modest list to help you plan a simple Maui wedding.


Have an intimate Maui ceremony guest list 

If you're planning an intimate event, a simple guest list is appropriate. Think about who matters most to you and your future spouse and plan your ceremony accordingly. 

It's not uncommon for brides and grooms to shorten their guest lists and only invite few loved ones. In fact, it's one of the wonderful advantages of having a small ceremony. A smaller wedding party will make your special event more special, since you'd be able to pay special attention to each and every guest. 

Choose a simple location for a simple wedding

The beach, a beautiful park or your favorite bed and breakfast make for great places to arrange for a simple Maui ceremony

Some newlyweds prefer renting a big wedding hall to say "I do". For others, an intimate location is enough to render their wedding day unique. 

Opt for modest wedding decoration ideas

An effortless Maui ceremony calls for simple decoration ideas. If your plan is to not go overboard, opt for modest flower arrangements, colorful balloons and consider candles for a special romantic touch. 

To keep your decorations budget to a minimum, you could also ask your closest friends to give you a helping hand. The small gesture will make your guests feel important and transform your simple location into a special fairytale-like place for everyone.

Have a modest Maui wedding menu

One of the biggest costs of a wedding is the menu. It's not because the food is overpriced, but because lavish weddings usually imply multiple course dinners.

To make things simple, opt for an open wedding buffet or serve lunch instead of dinner. Have a modest reception, with simple food and drinks. It's a wonderful way to keep your guests from spending all their time sitting alone at the table. 

Maui wedding attire: keep it simple

When love is in the air, informal attire is more than enough to transform a simple day into a special celebration. 

A simple wedding dress and a casual tuxedo are not uncommon choices among modest newlyweds. Your guests will appreciate your simple approach to living happily ever after. After all, it's the happy married life that matters most. 

Getting married in Maui is a wonderful experience. The day you promise to love your spouse through eternity should be forever imprinted in your memory. 

In front of the people who matter most, you smile, you cry tears of joy and you seal the bliss with a romantic kiss. You deserve an effortless Maui wedding of your dreams.