How to Choose Maui Beach Wedding Dresses

There's something special about Maui beach wedding dresses. They represent that special attire you'll wear the exact moment you say "I do". 

You start your life in a Maui beach wedding dress. You dance your first dance as husband and wife, you cut your first cake and say the vows that tie you forever.

But how do you choose the perfect beach wedding dress? 

If you're looking forward for your oceanfront wedding, here are some great tips to help you browse through Maui beach wedding dresses

Keep this practical advice in mind when it's time to pick the right dress for you. Not all Maui wedding dresses are ideal for a beach themed wedding.

Avoid formal Maui beach wedding dresses

Formal wedding gowns are not only beautiful, but elegant and sophisticated too. However, if you're getting married in front of the ocean, it's probably best to avoid attire that's too formal for the occasion.

The perfect Maui beach wedding dresses are light, soft and compliment the brides' silhouettes. A wedding dress that flows as you move is a more practical choice when you're getting married in front of the endless ocean.

Go with a shorter beach wedding gown

When you're about to be pronounced officially married, wearing a dress that sweeps the sand off the beach is probably best to avoid. However, opting for beach wedding dresses with a mini skirt is not ideal either.

Tea or ballerina length dresses are perfect though. They're not too long, so you won't have trouble dragging the sand along with you as you walk down the aisle. They're not too short, so you won't risk any embarrassing moments should a sea breeze suddenly lift your dress up. 

Choose a light fabric for your Maui beach wedding dress

Beach weddings are amazing to attend. But wearing a wedding dress that doesn't allow you to feel free as you move can ruin the romantic experience.

Silk or chiffon are ideal materials for beach wedding dresses. When you're planning an oceanfront wedding, consider choosing your attire made out of a breathable fabric, that's soft as well as light as air.

Avoid wearing high heels at a beach wedding

Wearing high heels in the sand is not quite a good idea. Although a pair of nice, elegant shoes go great with all Maui beach wedding dresses, oceanfront weddings call for practical footwear.

Opting for flats or flip flops is probably for the best. As an alternative, getting married bare feet could also be an interesting option. Literally having your toes in the sand as you say "I do" makes for an amazing wedding memory.

Opt for fewer accessories that go with Maui beach wedding dresses

Since sea breezes are unpredictable, it's probably best to minimize the number of accessories that might come loose. Some brides avoid wearing a veil altogether, since a strong wind will only take a second to make things uncomfortable. 

A beautiful, comfortable dress however, paired with some comfortable shoes make for the perfect attire to get married in, at the beach in Maui.