5 Details to Discuss With Your Maui Beach Wedding Planner

When you're getting married and plan a romantic oceanfront wedding, having a professional Maui beach wedding planner help you out is a great idea. 

Hiring someone to help with the planning of a wedding is almost always recommended. If you plan a small, simple ceremony, you might be able to take care of every detail on your own. But when you plan a wedding at the beach, even the smallest ceremony & reception can turn out to be a hassle to organize.

Saying "I do" and having your first kiss as a married couple in front of the endless ocean can be an unforgettable experience. And having a Maui beach wedding planner take care of certain details can be a blessing. Here are 5 important details you simply must run by a professional when getting married at the beach. 

Discuss the location with your Maui wedding beach planner

The ocean and the beaches alongside it are generally open to the public. But when it comes to planning a wedding, where exactly do you see yourself having the ceremony? 

While many would prefer to avoid the hassle of renting a beach venue for the big day, in certain cases it may be best. And a Maui ceremony beach planner knows exactly what to recommend, based on your personal preferences.

Let your beach wedding planner know where you plan to have your reception

Planning a simple beach ceremony is not the same as planning the reception at the same location. 

If you want your first dance as a married couple to be on the sand, let your Maui beach wedding planner in on this particular detail. They will obtain the ordinances and permits in a timely fashion and organize your event without too much hassle.

Have your Maui beach ceremony planner make arrangements for a backup plan

Bad weather can really ruin a wedding if there's no backup plan.

Although it's not a pleasant topic, discussing the possibility of heavy rain pouring over you and your guest is always recommended. See what your Maui beach ceremony planner suggests and come up with a plan together. Weather can be tricky, so it's best to be prepared.

Debate the pros and cons of a seasonal wedding with your beach wedding planner

A professional Maui beach wedding planner knows all about the pros and cons of planning a seasonal event. Many couples tend to plan their weddings during the high season. But there are many more aspects to consider when planning a ceremony, aside from the weather!

Discuss these details with a ceremony planner and weigh in the pros and cons. You might be surprised at how great an off season beach wedding sounds!

Ask your wedding planner about possible issues when getting married at the beach

Last but not least, make sure to discuss the little details with your wedding planner as well.

Will people be able to hear you say "I do"? Is accessibility going to be a problem?

Discuss every little detail with a professional and let them help you plan your dream wedding. You and your guests deserve to have an amazing time and create fabulous memories to last for years to come.