Practical Maui Elopement Advice

"Will you marry me" is the most beautiful thing your partner can ask you. And you saying "yes" can result in a waterfall of hugs and kisses. But if planning a wedding isn't something you look forward to, a Maui elopement can definitely be your happily ever after plan!

Eloping is often perceived as negative, but if couples in love can't bare the thought of not being married for one more second, why not look into Maui elopement options?

The reasons why couples want to elope in Hawaii are many. From being spontaneously romantic, to being reluctant to the idea of planning a big wedding, to simply wanting to "get it over with" without too much lovey-dovey details in between. 

But getting married at the snap of a finger is unrealistic. Even if you decide you want to say "I do" as soon as possible, you'd still need to get organized and plan ahead. Even if your checklist is short, you should still keep a couple details in mind when planning your Maui elopement.

Find out about Maui elopement marriage license requirements

Wanting to elope sounds incredibly romantic, but you'd have to make sure you have an approved valid marriage license before you say "I do".

Maui elopement marriage rules differ from the requirements in other states. So in order to ensure everything goes according to plan, give your elopement plan some thought. 

Find out what you need to obtain a marriage license and what can you do to get married as soon as possible. Once the legal arrangements are taken care of, take your loved one's hand and go get married!

Maui elopement can be just as romantic as a wedding

When you decide to elope, you might think a marriage license is all you need. But not planning a wedding doesn't mean giving up on everything it implies!

It's perfectly fine to want to avoid renting a venue and planning a menu. But you can still enjoy the little things that make a wedding special!

Wedding rings and vows - Wedding rings and vows spoken from the heart might not be mandatory, but you can definitely opt for the experience.

Wedding dress and bridal bouquet - It's not uncommon to elope in your wedding dress! If you're not keen on the idea of a big wedding, but would still love to wear the outfit and hold a bridal bouquet when saying "I do", don't let Maui elopement stereotypes stop you.

Wedding photography - You might think elopement stories remain a distant memory, but who says you can't hire a last minute photographer and have your first picture as a married couple taken anyway? 

The honeymoon - Skipping on planning a whole wedding doesn't mean you cannot enjoy making travel plans for a honeymoon. Even if you'll only be gone on a short weekend trip, don't miss out on your first nights as a married couple. 

Celebrating with friends and family - Although you chose Maui elopement, you can still plan a gathering and invite your loved ones to celebrate. Once the wedding jitters are out of the way, you can plan a simple dinner party and toast to your non-wedding.