8 Gorgeous Ideas for a Maui Oceanfront Wedding

A Maui oceanfront wedding is a fabulous idea that's becoming widely popular. With a romantic and gorgeous view of the endless ocean, who wouldn't love to say "I do" while dipping their toes in the sand?

But an oceanfront wedding deserves a proper planning. 

If you plan to get married and have a Maui waterfront wedding ceremony, here are 8 wonderful ideas you can 'steal' and organize a perfectly fabulous beach themed wedding.

1. Choose the perfect wedding dress for your Maui oceanfront wedding

If you want your wedding dress to be perfect, choose one that 'goes' with the ocean theme. 

A flowing wedding dress makes for a gorgeous choice. And as far as colors go, you can either choose the classic white or a light, pastel color to contrast the sand. 

2. Order a beach-themed wedding cake

When your wedding ceremony takes place on the beach, making sure the food is in theme is a wonderful idea to make your wedding even more interesting.

Choose your wedding cake accordingly. You can go with a classic, elegant wedding cake, sprinkled with ocean themed decorations: colorful and edible ocean corals, sugar cake seashells and beach themed wedding cake toppers.

3. Have an ocean themed wedding flowers and bridal bouquet

When it comes to your Maui oceanfront wedding flowers and bouquet, choose a beach themed flower combination. 

Beach roses, morning glories or hibiscus make for great choices. Choose the flowers to match the color of your wedding dress and you'll amaze everyone invited!

4. Choose beach themed decorations for your Maui oceanfront ceremony

Beach flowers, seashells or seahorses make for fabulous Maui waterfront wedding decorations.

For the perfect beach ceremony, keep the decorations to a minimum and choose the right colors to match your bridal dress and contrast the sand.

5. Go with ocean themed wedding invitations

When planning to get married with the ocean as your witness, go with invitations that match your theme.

Opt for desert sand color or blue printable paper and go with an elegant, beach themed design. 

6. Choose appropriate centerpieces and decor elements for the tables

If your wedding ceremony takes place exlusively on the beach, impress your guests with ocean themed wedding centerpieces and elements of decor.

Let your imagination fly and make the sea life come alive. You can decorate your tables with unique sea shells, urchins or flowers. Candles make for a romantic addition as well.

7. Maui oceanfront wedding favor ideas

Instead of classic wedding favors, you can opt for wonderfully designed Maui waterfront wedding favors.

You can offer seaside themed jewels, anchor shaped bottle openers or personalized sunscreen bottles for every guest. Everyone invited will appreciate the thought.

8. Have your ring bearer carry your wedding rings in an elegant seashell

When the time comes to place the rings on each other's fingers, have the ring bearer present them in an elegant and original manner. 

Opt for a beautiful seashell instead of a ring pillow. And make sure to have your wedding photographer capture the moment, you'll want to remember this for the rest of your life.

With such pretty and wonderful ideas, you can rest assure all your wedding guests will be impressed and will remember your big event for many years to come!