Gorgeous Maui Wedding Bouquet Ideas

When planning a wedding to the last beautiful detail, a gorgeous Maui wedding bouquet is a must. 

The caring of the bridal bouquet is an age old tradition. From ancient times, soon to be brides believed the delicate smell of flowers will protect them from bad luck. And starting a new life together with the person you love most is definitely a reason to ward off evil spirits! 

Today however, a gorgeous Maui wedding bouquet is more than just a posy trend. An elegant, bridal flower arrangement is the perfect element to help you pop. 

A classic bouquet to match your wedding dress is one approach that never fails. But adding a personal touch to the flower arrangements you carry down the isle can definitely turn your wedding into something really special.

Using your wedding theme as inspiration, here are some wonderful ideas to inspire your Maui wedding bouquet.

Maui wedding bouquet inspired from beach weddings

If you plan an oceanfront wedding, opt a beach wedding bouquet everyone will admire.

Adding a few unique elements to an otherwise regular flower bouquet, can transform your walk down the isle into something everyone will remember forever.

Orchids and Lilies or Roses and Peonies make for the perfect beach wedding flower arrangements. But if you want to make your Maui wedding bouquet unique, try using few seashells or starfish to give your bouquet a whole new look.

Themed wedding bridal bouquet ideas

Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular lately, and a Maui wedding bouquet to match the decorations and motif can help render your wedding ceremony unforgettable.

If your dream is to be a real Disney princess on your big day, use your wedding theme as inspiration. Instead of a classic wedding bouquet, you can use bright colored flowers that match the romance story of your choice.

Show White can carry a unique apple arrangement. A Minnie Mouse bridal bouquet should include roses, colored in pink and black. And a modern Frozen bride can carry crystal snowflakes instead or real flowers. 

But themed Maui bridal bouquet ideas don't stop here! For a unique book themed wedding, you can carry a beautiful flower arrangement made out of origami paper. 

It's amazing how a professional wedding planner can think of so many wedding decoration ideas. If you want to add few unique elements to your wedding, don't hesitate to mention the need for a unique Maui bridal bouquet.

Classic Maui bridal bouquet with a unique, personal touch

If a classic ceremony is the wedding you prefer, it should be easy to choose a classic Maui wedding bouquet. But you can still put a personal spin on it, if you want!

Feathers, fabric flowers, beads and ribbons make for gorgeous add-ons to an otherwise classic approach for a bridal flower arrangement.

Getting inspired from your wedding theme is the perfect way to come up with a unique Maui bridal bouquet to carry down the traditional isle. It seems like such a small detail, but a gorgeous wedding bouquet can render your special day even more memorable.