Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Maui Wedding Cakes

You cannot have a Hawaiian wedding without a Maui wedding cake!

Maui wedding cakes are a must after the ceremony. Although your guests are clearly there to celebrate the love between you and your spouse, no Maui wedding is complete without a sweet and delicious slice of cake.

But ordering the perfect one for your wedding isn't always as easy as it seems. Although many brides and grooms to be are eager to save time when planning their event, Maui wedding cakes play an important part of the process. 

If you would like for your wedding to be perfect, make sure you have the most delicious cake to cut and serve at your event. Here are 5 major mistakes to avoid when deciding which Maui wedding cakes are the best fit for your wedding.

1. Choosing Maui wedding cakes based on your guests' preferences

Deciding between so many different Maui wedding cakes seems impossible. But if there's one thing you and your loved one should keep in mind, is this is your wedding and your special day. 

Avoid feeling the need to please everyone and pick a flavor that you and your future spouse will love! Your Maui wedding cake should reflect your personal taste. Although thinking about your guests is a very nice gesture, don't feel obligated to please everyone else and neglect your own preferences.

2. Ordering a Maui wedding cake that's too small for your number of guests

One embarrassing mistake is ordering a Maui wedding cake that's too small for your number of guests! 

Although you should definitely choose one both you and your partner love, try not to underestimate the number of guests attending your wedding.

3. Not tasting different flavors before making a final decision

Make sure you include a cake tasting on your wedding planning checklist! Soon to be newlyweds need to taste their cake before their big day. Setting up meeting with your baker is not something you only see in movies.

In order to make sure you and your guests will have a slice of a perfectly delicious Maui wedding cake, don't forget to free up some time and indulge in a sweet cake tasting session.

4. Not asking your baker how they plan to transport your Maui wedding cake

If your baker mentions extra charges for transporting Maui wedding cakes, it's probably best to allow them to handle the task.

Should you order a cake of a particular size or form, don't forget to ask how the baker plans to bring it to your reception location. Avoid offering to pick up your cake by yourself. You could regret the decision if the delicious culinary art tumbles down in the backseat of your car.

5. Forgetting that less is more even when it comes to Maui wedding cakes

Wanting to add too many elements on a single Maui wedding cake usually spells out a recipe for disaster. 

Your cake decoration ideas might be romantic and nice, but consult with your baker before placing your final order. Instead of a beautiful cake that's meant to render your wedding day special, you could end up with a dessert that looks like a mess.