What to Include on Your Maui Wedding Invitations

Planning your wedding ceremony and reception is an exciting and a wonderful experience! But in order to make sure everything goes according to plan, sending out your Maui wedding invitations on time is crucial.

Timing, however, isn't the only detail you should consider when mailing out your wedding invites. 

In order for your ceremony to be remembered fondly by each and every guest, you should also know what to include on your Maui wedding invitations and how to express it in a delightful way.

Your wedding theme, bridal bouquet and wedding dress are not the only details that can render a wedding classy or unique. When it comes to your Maui wedding invitations, certain etiquette rules and details can really make a difference.

Send out your Maui wedding invitations on time

Ideally, you should send your Maui wedding invitations at least 6 or even 8 weeks prior to the main event. 

It's important to allow your guests plenty time to prepare for your wedding. They might need the time to clear their schedules or they might not be able to attend your big day.

Regardless of when and where you plan to say "I do" in front of your loved ones, always make sure your invitations go out on time.

Make sure everyone RSVPs to your Maui wedding invite in due time

In order to avoid unpleasant situations when planning a wedding, it's important that you're sure about your number of guests. 

How else will you be able to finalize your seating chart and let your wedding caterer know about the number of people they need to consider when preparing the menu?

Typically, RSVP dates should be set about 2 or 3 weeks before the event. Make sure everyone knows when they need to RSVP to your Maui wedding invitation. 

Include an accommodation card for your guests coming from out of town

Are your family or friends located somewhere far, far away? 

Proper Maui wedding invitation etiquette says you should include an accommodation card along with your invitation.

Make sure everyone coming from out of town knows when and where they should book a room to spend the night. This will help your guests a great deal if they need to make travel arrangements ahead of time.

Address your Maui ceremony invitations using people's names

Are you worried about your guests showing up with a +1 you've never met? 

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, address your Maui wedding invitations using the names of each wedding guest. By doing so, your message should be clear.

Place an inner envelope along with your Maui wedding invitation and make sure your guests' names are the only ones standing out.

Design a Maui wedding invitation that's easy to read and pleasant to look at

Although you might want your Maui wedding invitation to really stand out, using too many design elements or choosing a font that's difficult to understand is not recommended.

Modern wedding invites often tend to be a bit "too much". Make your Maui wedding invitation easy to read and make sure the design is a pleasure to look at.