Your Maui Wedding Planning Checklist

Celebrating the most beautiful day of your life requires going through a thorough Maui wedding planning checklist. 

Although not all weddings are the same, plans for an oceanfront ceremony or a simple Maui wedding may, in fact, have many similarities. 

From enjoying your bachelor(ette) party, to packing your bags for your honeymoon, here's a list of the most important tasks to cross off your Maui wedding planning checklist.

1. Set a Maui wedding planning due date - In simple words, save the date! Talk about it with your significant other and decide together on the "when". 

2. Know how much you can afford to spend - Before hiring anyone, make sure you have the budget for it. 

3. Work on your Maui wedding guest list - Although not the most pleasant of tasks, this is something you and your future spouse must decide together. And quick!

4. Hire a wedding planner - To simplify (most of) your to do list, hire a wedding planner to help you out with everything.

5. Start your Maui wedding planning research - Once you know the date you'll say "I DO", it's time to look for the perfect location. And in addition, research wedding photographers, wedding catering services, wedding florists and so on.

6. Buy the most gorgeous wedding attire - Once you take care of some of the stressful tasks, it's time to finally do something fun: try on wedding dresses and tuxedos! 

7. Don't forget about the bridesmaids dresses - Search the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids as well. After all, they're a big part of your big day as well.

8. Think about Maui wedding entertainment - Decadent food and a beautiful location are a must, but don't forget to book the entertainment ahead of time as well.

9. Register for wedding gifts - Compare retailers and sign up for the perfect wedding gifts. 

10. Book accommodations for guests - If you have guests arriving from out of town, make sure they have a place to stay.

11. Maui wedding planning involves your honeymoon - Don't forget you have a honeymoon coming up! It's time to renew your passports beforehand.

12. Your wedding rings and invitations - Shop for the perfect Maui wedding rings and browse through the invitations. Opt for save-the-date cards as well, if necessary.

13. Maui wedding transportation - Will you be renting a limousine? Will your guests arrive at the venue with a minibus? Plan ahead if transportation is a must.

14. Write your script and forever after vows - If you would like to write your own wedding ceremony, cross this Maui wedding planning item off your list.

15. It's hair, makeup & manicure time - Find professionals that fit your needs and book them ahead of time.

16. You can't get married without a license - About 1 month before your wedding day, make sure to get your marriage license.

17. Confirm everything with the wedding party - Confirm everything will go according to plan, from the caterers serving your handpicked food, to the guests all RSVP-ing in a timely manner.

18. Assign some of the Maui wedding planning tasks to your coordinator - If all of this is overwhelming, have your wedding coordinator or planner help you out with the details. After all, you deserve to relax and really enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.