How to Choose the Right Maui Wedding Venues

Getting married is a big, important step. And choosing between so many Maui wedding venues is one of the first challenges a couple goes through, hand in hand. 

When you plan for everything to be perfect, you have to consider every little detail.

Is your wedding photographer the best on the market?
Did you choose the right wedding florist to decorate the scene?

But most importantly, are you making the right choice when it comes to your Maui wedding venue? 

Read on to find out 7 important tips to help you choose the right spot to celebrate your first day as a married couple. Choosing the right venue isn't always easy. But these helpful hints will definitely help you narrow down your choices for Maui wedding venues.

1. Go over the final guest list before booking your Maui wedding venue

Before make a final decision, it's important to make sure your wedding is accessible for all your guests.

When you find a Maui wedding venue you like, it's easy to get carried away and forget about logistics. Make sure the place is big enough for all your guests and also find out if people with disabilities would be able to attend.

2. Consult with your wedding planner to narrow down your wedding venues

Chances are your wedding planner is already familiar with most Maui wedding venues. If you decide to hire one, don't be afraid to ask for their advice. 

3. Choose Maui wedding venues that fit with your theme

If you dream about planning a beautiful themed wedding, you can easily eliminate wedding spots that don't exactly fit. Narrow down your choices to style specific Maui wedding venues. 

4. Find out what the venue price includes

Some Maui wedding venues include a full service. Other places might be cheaper, but they don't offer much aside for an empty space for you to decorate as you see fit. So, before you set your heart on a specific venue, find out first what the price really includes.

5. Consider your budget for the Maui wedding venue

Maui wedding venues might be important, but the cost of renting one should always fit your budget. Consult with your wedding planner before making any rash decisions. You'll still need to book your vendors and find a bridal dress / tuxedo that fit!

6. Choose wedding venues close to hotels

If your guests are coming from out of town, you should consider making them feel as comfortable as possible. Choosing a Maui wedding venue that's in close proximity to a hotel is not only considerate, but recommended. 

7. Book the Maui wedding venue that best fits your needs

Although all these tips and more should contribute to you making the right decision, what's even more important is choosing a place that fits your needs.

With so many influences from Pinterest or Instagram, it's difficult not to fall in love with wedding theme ideas that aren't authentic. Forget about what's "modern" or "in style" and think about what you and your spouse really want for your own wedding.